Loving my New Panasonic Rice Cooker

Last Sunday, there was a short circuit in my apartment and all the plugged electronic devices went out of order owing to that. The pre-installed things such as the refrigerator and oven etc were provided by my landlord but all the other plugged-in devices were mine and I incurred a lot of loss owing to the short-circuit. I lost a lot of charging cords, mixer, juicer, and most important of all – my rice cooker. That rice cooker was given to me by my mother when I graduated high school and started living on my own. I hosted so many parties at my apartment in which that cooker played an important role of making delicious rice in an hour. Well, my sister helped me buy all the devices again.

panasonic rice cookerBut I had to be very cautious of the money I was to spend. There was a lot to buy and no one buys all the stuff in a single day. When it came to the rice cooker, I wanted to buy something smart and reliable. But all so called smart cooker brands were very expensive. Hence, I thought to buy something in my budget. I stumbled on a Panasonic Fuzzy Logic cooker and was amazed by the features. I thought that it would be ridiculously expensive after having a few demos of the Zojirushi and other brands. But, the rice cooker was very fairly priced and I found one within my budget. This is the best value for money rice cooker according to the Chef Brazil, an independent online rice cooker review site. Going down the alley, of the store where the Panasonic Rice Cookers were kept, I found that the cookers had amazing features and were priced fairly. Hence, I chose one and brought it home.

I set brown rice for cooking in my brand new Panasonic Rice Cooker as soon as I was back home and started installing all the other new appliances with my sister. When we were finished, we were rewarded with extremely tasty and perfectly cooked brown rice with steamed vegetables. We had a hearty meal and couldn’t wait to try all the other cycles of the new rice cooker.

Panasonic offers a wide and exciting range of the rice cookers which range from the normal ones to the extremely modern and smart fuzzy logic ones. The steamer trays, spatula, rice cup and other accessories are of good quality and the pans are also available in non-stick as well as normal versions. The machine itself is sleek, sturdy and one can easily find a model in the range of $30 to $40 dollars. I feel that Panasonic Rice Cookers are the best priced ones on the market and one can never return unsatisfied from the store or without finding one suitable for him or her.