Everything you need to know about Mauviel Cookware

Renowned as the most famous brand of the copper cookware, the Mauviel has been a member of our kitchen since past three generations. Earlier it was in the form of copper cookware and now I have bought the stainless steel cookware of the Mauviel brand too. The cookware is excellent and one of the best cookware you can buy. Having its roots in France, the Mauviel Cookware is expected to be full of elegance as well as worth. The cookware is durable, good quality, comes in various styles and varieties and is a must buy thing.

Mauviel Cookware

Mauviel Cookware – What can you Buy?

The Mauviel Cookware range is wide and diverse. You can purchase bowls, crepe pans, sauté pans, and frying pans/skillet, roasting pans, steamer inserts, sauce pans, wok, tarte tatin, cocottes, jam pans, and paella pans. There is a copper and Stainless Steel collection in which 90% copper is combined with the 10% stainless steel which is equally good for novices as well as chefs. The Classic Copper Cookware range is more like an art piece as they are epitomes of exquisite craftsmanship and engineering. There is Copper and Stainless Steel Miniature Collection which comprises of some of the must have pieces. Pastry and Bakeware Collection, Induction Aluminum Collection, Five Layered Stainless Steel collection and Black Steel Cookware are the other collections of the Mauviel Cookware.

Mauviel Cookware – Features that make it good:

The ability to get heated evenly and uniformly, the perfectly shaped and engineered interior of stainless steel, the handles which remain safe to tough at high temperatures and are morphed in cast steel, and the lifetime guarantee which comes with every single piece against any kind of manufacturing defects make the Mauviel Cookware the best cookware.

Mauviel PanMauviel Cookware range also comprises of the 1830 M’Heritage Cookware which is a perfect combination of the modern and traditional cookware metals – stainless steel and copper. There are three sub-categories in this range which are classified as per the thickness of the metal sheet. It goes without saying that they are non-stick, and can be cleaned easily after soaking in water for around 5 minutes. Though the cookware in this range can be used with the induction cook-top too, you will require a special disc for the purpose. Hence, there is an added investment for this series cookware.

Cooking in Mauviel cookware

It is suggested that the cooking in the Mauviel Cookware is done at relatively low heat, as the copper gets heated evenly at low temperatures and that too very quickly. Hence, it is suggested to cook food in medium heat settings always. The ability to serve you for ages, the ability to make your kitchen look good and the durability of the cookware makes Mauviel an excellent brand. In fact, lot of newlyweds buy it as their starting cookware. The cookware is so much durable that it can pass onto generations without getting destructed.

Another advantage of investing in the Mauviel Cookware is that the users get a lifetime guarantee which makes them sure, that their money is getting the best value. To know more about Mauviel, read Mauviel copper cookware review here.