Espresso machine buying tips from Velo Rouge Cafe

espressoI can’t start my day without dark roasted freshly ground espresso shot. We have espresso machine in our kitchen. Having own espresso machine in kitchen is a complete luxury. If you are in market for espresso machine then first thing you must decide is type of espresso machine you want. There are two types of espresso machines.

  1. Super-Automatic espresso machine
  2. Semi-Automatic espresso machine

Super-Automatic doesn’t mean it is better than semi-automatic. If you want to customize espresso shot according to your preference you should look for semi-automatic espresso machine. But since it is a semi-automatic you need to do more effort than super-automatic. If you want convenience than choose a super-automatic. Super automatic espresso machine is good for people who don’t want any hassle and want to get espresso in one touch of button.

In a semi-automatic espresso machine temperature and pressure regulation is done automatically by machine. Machine take care of temperature and pressure. But you control the pump. You decide when to turn on or turn off the pump. It’s not a one touch machine. You are not going to get espresso in one touch. But you will control all the aspects of espresso making. This kind of machine is good for espresso connoisseurs. If you want to take espresso making to another level then we will recommend you this type of machine. Since we are espresso lovers we also own a semi-automatic espresso machine in our office. We own Gaggia Classic. It a small budget friendly semi-automatic espresso machine. We love it. This machine is included in The Edge best espresso machine list. Obviously it takes little more time than a super-automatic espresso maker but end result is great. If you have budget you can go for higher end espresso machines like Rancilio Silvia or Breville. Otherwise Gaggia is also a good choice. But keep in mind that you need to purchase grinder separately. Semi-automatics doesn’t come with grinder. rancilio silvia espresso machine

Super-Automatic espresso machine are best for busy people. Just press a button and you will get hot tasty espresso shot. Everything from grinding beans to final espresso is controlled by machine itself. All you need to do is fill the hopper with beans and press the button. You will get hot espresso shot in no time. There is no need to purchase grinder also. Grinder is included with machine.