Everything you need to know about Mauviel Cookware

Renowned as the most famous brand of the copper cookware, the Mauviel has been a member of our kitchen since past three generations. Earlier it was in the form of copper cookware and now I have bought the stainless steel cookware of the Mauviel brand too. The cookware is excellent and one of the best […]

Loving my New Panasonic Rice Cooker

Last Sunday, there was a short circuit in my apartment and all the plugged electronic devices went out of order owing to that. The pre-installed things such as the refrigerator and oven etc were provided by my landlord but all the other plugged-in devices were mine and I incurred a lot of loss owing to […]

Just got juicer for our cafe

Fruits and vegetables are great source of vital minerals and enzymes. Raw food is good for health. But it’s not easy to consume raw food. Juicing is great way to include healthy mineral and vitamins in diet. We just got juicer for our cafe and has gone mad with it. We bought a nice juicing […]

Espresso machine buying tips from Velo Rouge Cafe

I can’t start my day without dark roasted freshly ground espresso shot. We have espresso machine in our kitchen. Having own espresso machine in kitchen is a complete luxury. If you are in market for espresso machine then first thing you must decide is type of espresso machine you want. There are two types of […]

Velo Rouge Cafe

Velo Rouge Cafe 798 Arguello Boulevard at McAllister  San Francisco, CA 94118 415.752.7799 Blue Bottle Coffee and Espresso served exculsively, Fat Tire and Pilsner Urquell on draft, bottled beers and a selection of wine to choose from, all available every moment the cafe is open. Fat Tire and Pilsner Urquell are on draft, several wines […]