Best Vertical Slow Juicers

In today’s busy schedule, most of the people are wishing to get health conscious and are more interested in making themselves fit and coming out all the more stronger and fit. Juices in this revolution can be seen as a very good measure in order to adapt a healthy living style. For consuming the benefits of juices daily, you will need an effective juicer for daily purposes. Here we present to you the benefits of a vertical slow juicer and some of its types.

A slow vertical juicer extracts the juice out of fruits and vegetables real slow. Along with the slow technology, the oxidation of the fruits is reduced, that in turn results into a premium quality juice. In a vertical juicer, the body is designed in a vertical style that allows the juice to pass through it quickly. A vertical slow juicer is also easy to clean because of its sleek design. In the new era, vertical slow juicers are known to be the best kind of juicers because of their ease of use and the results which are so good. These are also known to be as the all-rounder type of juicers as they are flexible to juice almost any kind of stuff such as berries, crunchies, wheatgrass and everything else. There are many best vertical slow juicers available for use. They are explained below.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings whole slow juicer B6000S is one of the best vertical slow juicers. This slow juicer juices the maximum juice out of the fruits and vegetables along with the nutrient level of them restored. Smoothies, baby food and sorbets can be effectively prepared with this ultra-power machine. This juicer uses the slow-juicing technology for extracting juices that in turn proves to be useful in extracting the maximum juices out of the fruits and vegetables along with the vitamins and nutrients of it restored.

The whole of the juicing process is comprised of two stages. First, the juicer cruses the stuff and then presses it to release the maximum amount of juice it can yield. This juicer is suitable to juice any kind of stuff such as leafy greens, crunchy apples or soft berries. It is worth it for almost every kind of raw stuff. This juicer is equipped with a drip-free cap which allows the user to mix and match his own style of juices and try out new recipes. Create your own blends using this hybrid technology.

It is made of a stainless filter which is known to be durable. The left out pulp from the raw stuff is automatically let out in a different container, thus creating lesser messy situations. A powerful motor is employed here in this product which also produces a lesser noise. Heat build-up as a whole is nil that makes it all the more effective to use.

Omega VSJ843

The Omega VSJ843 juicer is also one of the most effective vertical slow juicer. It uses the same slow speed technology thus output the maximum yield. It has a lot more simpler design and throws out lesser pulp and thus more juice. The speed of this juicer is best suited for the slow speed technology and is 43rpm. Time loss is now reduced because of the auger taking 2 bites instead of one in a revolution.

There is no need of gears because the auger being a dual edge technology wipes the blade itself. This model of the vertical slow juicer is known to yield the maximum amount of juices of all. The crushing force of this juicer is twice as much of all the others in a row. A juice cap is also provided for a fast clean-up and mixing of it. A warranty of about 15 years also comes handy along with the product.

These were the two best kind of vertical slow juicers available today. Go grab your deal now!

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