Everything you need to know about Mauviel Cookware

Renowned as the most famous brand of the copper cookware, the Mauviel has been a member of our kitchen since past three generations. Earlier it was in the form of copper cookware and now I have bought the stainless steel cookware of the Mauviel brand too. The cookware is excellent and one of the best cookware you can buy. Having its roots in France, the Mauviel Cookware is expected to be full of elegance as well as worth. The cookware is durable, good quality, comes in various styles and varieties and is a must buy thing.

Mauviel Cookware

Mauviel Cookware – What can you Buy?

The Mauviel Cookware range is wide and diverse. You can purchase bowls, crepe pans, sauté pans, and frying pans/skillet, roasting pans, steamer inserts, sauce pans, wok, tarte tatin, cocottes, jam pans, and paella pans. There is a copper and Stainless Steel collection in which 90% copper is combined with the 10% stainless steel which is equally good for novices as well as chefs. The Classic Copper Cookware range is more like an art piece as they are epitomes of exquisite craftsmanship and engineering. There is Copper and Stainless Steel Miniature Collection which comprises of some of the must have pieces. Pastry and Bakeware Collection, Induction Aluminum Collection, Five Layered Stainless Steel collection and Black Steel Cookware are the other collections of the Mauviel Cookware.

Mauviel Cookware – Features that make it good:

The ability to get heated evenly and uniformly, the perfectly shaped and engineered interior of stainless steel, the handles which remain safe to tough at high temperatures and are morphed in cast steel, and the lifetime guarantee which comes with every single piece against any kind of manufacturing defects make the Mauviel Cookware the best cookware.

Mauviel PanMauviel Cookware range also comprises of the 1830 M’Heritage Cookware which is a perfect combination of the modern and traditional cookware metals – stainless steel and copper. There are three sub-categories in this range which are classified as per the thickness of the metal sheet. It goes without saying that they are non-stick, and can be cleaned easily after soaking in water for around 5 minutes. Though the cookware in this range can be used with the induction cook-top too, you will require a special disc for the purpose. Hence, there is an added investment for this series cookware.

Cooking in Mauviel cookware

It is suggested that the cooking in the Mauviel Cookware is done at relatively low heat, as the copper gets heated evenly at low temperatures and that too very quickly. Hence, it is suggested to cook food in medium heat settings always. The ability to serve you for ages, the ability to make your kitchen look good and the durability of the cookware makes Mauviel an excellent brand. In fact, lot of newlyweds buy it as their starting cookware. The cookware is so much durable that it can pass onto generations without getting destructed.

Another advantage of investing in the Mauviel Cookware is that the users get a lifetime guarantee which makes them sure, that their money is getting the best value. To know more about Mauviel, read Mauviel copper cookware review here.

Loving my New Panasonic Rice Cooker

Last Sunday, there was a short circuit in my apartment and all the plugged electronic devices went out of order owing to that. The pre-installed things such as the refrigerator and oven etc were provided by my landlord but all the other plugged-in devices were mine and I incurred a lot of loss owing to the short-circuit. I lost a lot of charging cords, mixer, juicer, and most important of all – my rice cooker. That rice cooker was given to me by my mother when I graduated high school and started living on my own. I hosted so many parties at my apartment in which that cooker played an important role of making delicious rice in an hour. Well, my sister helped me buy all the devices again.

panasonic rice cookerBut I had to be very cautious of the money I was to spend. There was a lot to buy and no one buys all the stuff in a single day. When it came to the rice cooker, I wanted to buy something smart and reliable. But all so called smart cooker brands were very expensive. Hence, I thought to buy something in my budget. I stumbled on a Panasonic Fuzzy Logic cooker and was amazed by the features. I thought that it would be ridiculously expensive after having a few demos of the Zojirushi and other brands. But, the rice cooker was very fairly priced and I found one within my budget. This is the best value for money rice cooker according to the Chef Brazil, an independent online rice cooker review site. Going down the alley, of the store where the Panasonic Rice Cookers were kept, I found that the cookers had amazing features and were priced fairly. Hence, I chose one and brought it home.

I set brown rice for cooking in my brand new Panasonic Rice Cooker as soon as I was back home and started installing all the other new appliances with my sister. When we were finished, we were rewarded with extremely tasty and perfectly cooked brown rice with steamed vegetables. We had a hearty meal and couldn’t wait to try all the other cycles of the new rice cooker.

Panasonic offers a wide and exciting range of the rice cookers which range from the normal ones to the extremely modern and smart fuzzy logic ones. The steamer trays, spatula, rice cup and other accessories are of good quality and the pans are also available in non-stick as well as normal versions. The machine itself is sleek, sturdy and one can easily find a model in the range of $30 to $40 dollars. I feel that Panasonic Rice Cookers are the best priced ones on the market and one can never return unsatisfied from the store or without finding one suitable for him or her.

Save Money and Time with a Bread Maker

bread makerI started living on my own as soon as I joined the college. I was away from my parents, out of my comfortable nest, learning ways and means of the world. I was a huge fan of fresh bread and at home, my mother used to bake a loaf daily to ensure that we get the best of the nutrition and fresh food. But now, I was left with the choice of readymade bread. I had this habit of jotting down my daily expenses and totalling them in the end of the month. One day, I was just writing my monthly expenses when I realized that a lot of money was spent in buying the bread which is not even that tasty. At that time, buying a bread machine was out of the question. I saved half the amount and my parents helped me with the other half. If you are going to buy bread maker, it is very important to go through bread maker reviews as otherwise you will lose your money for a bad product.

fresh breadNow, with the machine in my kitchen, I was basically having my own little bakery where I could make fresh bread daily, in the required amount and with the ingredients and crust of my preference. I stopped running errands to the local market just for the bread and stopped wasting my hard earned salary (physical labour mostly) and pocket money on buying the bread laden with preservatives and devoid of nutritional qualities. Since then, I have been recommending every friend of mine to buy a decent bread machine which will be a one-time investment and they will eventually end up saving more money than spending on buying bread. I mean one eats food as long as one lives and bread is one of the prime foods.

Saving Money:

Though you one might be judgmental about the saving money thing, one must not neglect the fact that in a bread machine, you are able to make much more than a simple bread loaf. You can make nutty bread, sour dough bread, fruity bread, pizza bread, cake, biscuits, bread with different preferences of the crust, sugar, and a lot more. Further, some people are allergic to gluten and one can never be sure whether the readymade ‘Gluten Free Bread’ is actually free of gluten or not.

So, yes, you get to make so many types of bread in a single bread machine, using the ingredients of your choice, in the desired amount and with desired taste and dietary preferences.

Now, if you calculate the amount of money you might be investing in a year or two (depending on the amount of bread you consume), you can easily find the difference buying a bread machine makes.

Saving Time:

Just one visit to the supermarket and you can get the supplies comprising of Flour (Whole Wheat, Common Flour, Baking Flour etc), yeast, eggs, sugar and salt and this is all it takes to make the bread. Once bought, you won’t have to rush to the stores to buy bread. Further, I have always analyzed that the more frequently you visit the market, the more you spend. For example, suppose you went to a store to buy bread and you spotted some cheese, some marmalade, some candy bars or chips or any other snack you indulge in. Now, instead of spending around $3 you have spent $30 or $40. This can be avoided if you know that you are stocked for the month and you have a nice little bread maker in your kitchen to bake fresh bread in.

Also, the time spent in buying the things and completing the errand can be easily utilized to complete the pending cleaning or washing or organizing or exercising or doing whatever that you love.

Extra Perks..!!

Modern Bread Machines come with timers, delayed timers and lots of other settings which make it easier to bake your own bread. I mean, you just have to put the ingredients in the machine before going to bed and the machine will start baking on its own, at the set time and you will find yourself waking up to a nice aroma and sweet ding-ding of the freshly baked bread.

What more reason do you need??

Just got juicer for our cafe

Fruits and vegetables are great source of vital minerals and enzymes. Raw food is good for health. But it’s not easy to consume raw food. Juicing is great way to include healthy mineral and vitamins in diet. We just got juicer for our cafe and has gone mad with it. We bought a nice juicing book too. This juicing book is called ‘Juicing 101’. This juicing book has around 70 juicing recipes and it shows how to get maximum nutrients out of fruits and veggies.
Kuving juicerEarlier we had Breville entry level juicer. We had it for about 4 years. It worked great! We used to juice fruits and vegetables. But after watching fat sick and nearly dead, we wanted to change our lifestyle. We wanted to include greens like celery, wheatgrass, spinach in our diet. Our Breville juicer wasn’t very good with greens. It was a centrifugal ejection type of juicer. As pointed by Best Juicer, centrifugal juicers aren’t very good with greens. So we sold our old juicer on craiglist and purchased Kuvings whole slow juicer. This is highest rated vertical slow juicer by best juicer: http://www.bestjuicer.biz/vertical-slow-juicers/. It has a vertical cylinder that masticates. It offers features of masticating juicer in upright design. Masticating juicers are preferred choice of health conscious individuals . Kuving whole slow juicer offers both convenience and health benefits. It rotates at low speed of 60 rpm and prevent heat build up. It has patented wide 3” feed tube. At this point, no other vertical juicer offers this wide feed chute.
We are really happy from this purchase. We have tried many juicing recipes. We have tried chard, carrot juice, celery, wheatgrass, frozen fruit sorbets etc. Combination of Apple and celery is surprisingly refreshing. We are including juicing as part of daily diet. I drink a shake every morning for breakfast before going to work. I put celery, 1 cup wheatgrass, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup of blackberries, 1 scoop of chocolate egg white protein, almond, nuts and cashews. Hoping to see better skin and health.

Espresso machine buying tips from Velo Rouge Cafe

espressoI can’t start my day without dark roasted freshly ground espresso shot. We have espresso machine in our kitchen. Having own espresso machine in kitchen is a complete luxury. If you are in market for espresso machine then first thing you must decide is type of espresso machine you want. There are two types of espresso machines.

  1. Super-Automatic espresso machine
  2. Semi-Automatic espresso machine

Super-Automatic doesn’t mean it is better than semi-automatic. If you want to customize espresso shot according to your preference you should look for semi-automatic espresso machine. But since it is a semi-automatic you need to do more effort than super-automatic. If you want convenience than choose a super-automatic. Super automatic espresso machine is good for people who don’t want any hassle and want to get espresso in one touch of button.

In a semi-automatic espresso machine temperature and pressure regulation is done automatically by machine. Machine take care of temperature and pressure. But you control the pump. You decide when to turn on or turn off the pump. It’s not a one touch machine. You are not going to get espresso in one touch. But you will control all the aspects of espresso making. This kind of machine is good for espresso connoisseurs. If you want to take espresso making to another level then we will recommend you this type of machine. Since we are espresso lovers we also own a semi-automatic espresso machine in our office. We own Gaggia Classic. It a small budget friendly semi-automatic espresso machine. We love it. This machine is included in The Edge best espresso machine list. Obviously it takes little more time than a super-automatic espresso maker but end result is great. If you have budget you can go for higher end espresso machines like Rancilio Silvia or Breville. Otherwise Gaggia is also a good choice. But keep in mind that you need to purchase grinder separately. Semi-automatics doesn’t come with grinder. rancilio silvia espresso machine

Super-Automatic espresso machine are best for busy people. Just press a button and you will get hot tasty espresso shot. Everything from grinding beans to final espresso is controlled by machine itself. All you need to do is fill the hopper with beans and press the button. You will get hot espresso shot in no time. There is no need to purchase grinder also. Grinder is included with machine.

Velo Rouge Cafe

Velo Rouge Cafe

798 Arguello Boulevard at McAllister  San Francisco, CA 94118 415.752.7799

Blue Bottle Coffee and Espresso served exculsively, Fat Tire and Pilsner Urquell on draft, bottled beers and a selection of wine to choose from, all available every moment the cafe is open.

Fat Tire and Pilsner Urquell are on draft, several wines and bottled beers to choose from, delectable Blue Bottle Coffee and Espresso are available every moment the cafe is open.

Served Mon-Sunday until 4:30 pm

Major Taylor Banana Nut Pancakes served with maple syrup
Arguello Breakfast– 2 eggs any style, country style potatoes, two slices toast, add a slice of bacon or ham
McAllister Scramble – 3 eggs scrambled with bacon, mushrooms, onions, spinach, red bell peppers and cheese served on an English muffin
Mt. Ventoux – egg sandwich served on a croissant with jack, add bacon or avocado
Leipheimer Breakfast Burrito – 2 eggs scrambled, black beans, potatoes, cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream, add bacon or sausage to the scramble
Lox Bagel – lox, cream cheese, onions, & capers on a toasted bagel
Build your own Bagel – choice of spread, toppings and toasted bagel
Velo Granola with Yogurt or Milk topped with seasonal fruit
Home Style Oatmeal topped with seasonal fruit & served with brown sugar and raisins
Seasonal bowl of Fruit

Weekend Brunch Specials available Saturday & Sunday

Served Sunday to Tuesday until 4.30 pm • Wednesday to Saturday until 9.30 pm

The Coppi – turkey, spinach, Jack with cranberry jam spread, toasted
The Merckx – ham and swiss, dijon mustard, toasted
The Pantani – grilled zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onions and garlic cream cheese, Jack cheese, toasted
The Indurian -three cheese and garlic cream cheese, toasted
The Ullrich Tuna Melt
BALT – bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato
Club Sandwich – triple decker, turkey, bacon, ham and all the trimmings
Fresh Veggie Sandwich – hummus, onion, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, pickled beets, 3 cheeses, avocado, & greens on nine grain bread
Soup du Jour – seasonal vegan soup, served with house-made cornbread
Spring Mix Green Salad – mixed greens, feta, tomato, cucumber with lemon & olive oil dressing
Le Tour Salad – mixed greens, feta, tomato, cucumber, corn, apples, berries with lemon & olive oil dressing, add grilled turkey

Wednesday to Saturday from 5 to 9.30 pm
Seasonal gourmet pizzas, toppings change daily

Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Kids PB&J
The Elvis
– pb&j panini with banana & nutella